I love words and writing, but I know not everyone feels the same, so here are some hints, tips and tricks that might help you find it easier to write the words that work.

1️⃣ Know who you’re talking to

This is probably the MOST important tip; if you don’t know who you’re talking to then you don’t know what to say.  Now, you don’t need to talk to your ‘ideal client’ or even create a client ‘avatar’ but you do need to know why they are looking for your business, what is bringing them to need what you offer, how are they feeling, how do they want to feel and how your business can help them do that? Once you know that, writing becomes so much easier.

2️⃣ Don’t overthink it

When we sit down to create content, write posts or even update our website we overthink it. We think it has to be perfect from the start, that all our ideas need to be fully fledged sentences and grammatically correct paragraphs and that’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself. Instead start with some words. Just jot down the things that come to mind, even if they don’t make sense yet. I love using spider diagrams for this, so maybe that would work for you. Once you have those words then the sentences and paragraphs are easier to create.

3️⃣ Remember the point

Everything you write needs to have a point. Are you trying to build your crowd, engage with them, build that know, like and trust factor, lead people along your marketing path or sell what you do? There is no point just writing for the sake of it, so when you sit down at your keyboard just ask yourself ‘why am I writing this?’

4️⃣ Keep an eye on your numbers

When you know the point of your words then you can keep an eye on whether those words are working by checking your numbers. Your post engagement and reach, your website visitors and where they are looking, the open rate for your emails, your conversion rates when you try to sell – these stats all let you know if you’re words are doing their job.

5️⃣ Make time to write

Your words are key to your business. They showcase what you do, they grab people’s attention and make them want to know more, they connect with people at various points in your marketing journey and then they make people want what you offer in your business. You can’t do all that unless you make time to write. Even just 15-30 minutes a day will help those words flow into every area of your business.

6️⃣ You’re not saying the wrong thing

A lot of the people I work with tell me that they’re worried they’ll say the wrong thing. It’s your business, your marketing and your words. You are the expert at your thing and you are simply telling people about it. You can’t really go wrong. Find your voice, remember who you’re talking to and why they need your help and you will find the perfect words. You just have to trust yourself more.

7️⃣ Paint a picture

Words work when they paint a picture. If we go back to point 1 and remember who we are talking to and why they are looking for your business then you need to take that one step further and paint a picture. You need to show people what life will look like after they have worked with your business or bought your product. How will your thing fill they hole that they have? What will improve, what will change, what will be better? The more colourful and realistic you can make that picture, the easier it is for people to say yes to purchasing what you sell in your business and that’s the same whether you’re a service or product based business.

So, these are just some of the hints, tips and hacks I use when I write for my clients and I hope they help make writing easier for you.

Sarah Baker

If you feel like you need a helping hand with your words

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