I talk a lot about how important words are and why you need to use the right ones in your marketing, but why are they really so important and how can they help you build the business of your dreams?

They help you communicate

You can’t talk to everyone about everything; you have to have a message. If you’re too vague or simply sharing pleasantries then you won’t show people that you’re a business they can buy from. Your words create your message, they help you engage with your audience, they make them want to know more and they open the communication so that they see that you have something they need.

They help you stand out from the crowd

There are probably LOADS of people out there who do what you do. You can’t change that, but you can use your words to stand out. The good news is that there is only one you, so using your voice, being comfortable with your words and your message and showing up as you in your business all help you stand out, so that clients and customers see you and want to work with you.

Hiding in the shadows, not creating your own content or worrying that people might not like you or might unfollow you won’t help you create a busy, successful business. Connecting with your words and sharing them with your audience is the best way to stand out and shine.

They build the know, like and trust factor

They might have seen you, noticed you, starting following you even but that’s only the first step. Your words help them get to know you (so you stand out from the crowd), like what you have to say (because if they don’t like it then they are never going to spend money with you and that’s ok because not everyone will like us) and trust that you are the right person to help them or that your product is right for them.

Your social media posts, your About Me pages, your website, your emails, your sales funnels and testimonials all help build that know, like and trust factor so getting your words right in these places will help you build and grow your business.

They sell what you do

I speak to so many businesses who hate selling. They stealth sell or hope that people will ring up and ask questions about what they do, but that won’t work. You have to use your words to sell – there is no avoiding it! You need to speak to your crowd about how they are feeling, why do they need your help, how will your business be able to help them and most importantly, how will they feel after they have worked with you or bought your product? Hiding your sales stuff or worse, not mentioning it at all won’t help your business. You have something to sell, you need to use your words to show people why they need to buy it.

You can’t avoid words; you need them in every element of your business and your marketing. Getting them right will help you fill that white space in your diary or boost your bank account.

Sarah x