Websites are the window to your business. The place where people can look around at what you do, find out more about you and your business and see if what you sell is right for them.


But, you only have about 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention before they head off to look at another website. Your website can be too wordy, too confusing or too overwhelming. It can lead people around and show them about you and your business or it can make the bounce away to search elsewhere for what they’re looking for.

Is your website sitting there gathering dust? Do you suffer from website shame? Are people clicking on your website and then clicking away without reading anything? Are you struggling with what to write or how to use the right words to get your message across? It might be time for a website rewrite. 

Your website has the potential to help your business massively, but you need to make sure it has the right words to make people want to know more, so you can create that busy, successful business you dream about.

I can help you with your website words whether you are just starting with your website, want a bit of a website refresh or need a total rewrite.

When we work together I will help with the core pages of your website, I will take all your passion and enthusiasm and turn it into copy that makes people want to work with you and best of all, it will sound and feel like you wrote it yourself.

How does it work? We start with a 30 minute chat where we can talk about your business and what you want from your website and then I can get writing.

Prices start from £199, depending on how much or little you need me to do and a full, 5 page website is £795.

If you’d like to chat about your website words then click below and book a time for us to have a no obligation chat.

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