It’s easy to focus all your marketing on Facebook. I mean, it’s simple to set up your Facebook page, you can market for free, you have the potential to connect with loads of new clients and customers but, are you too reliant on it and how can focusing on one place be bad for business?

Facebook is a great place to market and don’t believe the stories that Facebook is hiding your posts or wants you to spend money with it in order to get your posts seen. It’s just not true.

BUT. Facebook is only one place that you should be using your words and marketing your business.


You’ve written that amazing post and you click publish and then….nothing. No inquiries, no paying clients or customers, nothing.


Think of Facebook as the first step on your marketing ladder. People might see that post, they might like it, they might want to know more but, where else are you marketing that they can find your business, look around and see if you’re the right business for them?

Your social media is important, but you need to spread your words.

Your website. 


Your sales stuff.

Your About Me pages and your story. 

Your emails and newsletters. 

These are all important in bringing clients and customers to your business and converting them into paying for your services or products.

Social media isn’t enough. You can’t build a successful business JUST on Facebook. You need to put your other marketing steps in place, make sure your words are working in each of them and that you have a consistent message across them all. Then you’ll start to see the difference. 

Yes, it adds more to your to do list. Yes, it takes time to set all these things up. Yes, you might have to step out of your comfort zone and do things you’ve not done before, but trust me it will all pay off when those client and customer numbers start going up along with your income.

And remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself. All of those things I’ve listed above I can help with. All you need to do is ask and we can get your words working for you.

Love Sarah