If there are lots of businesses out there or lots of noise in the online world, how do you stand out and get people to choose your business? By selling YOU. Showing up as you is so important in creating a successful business and one place to stand out and shine and make people want to work with you is your About Me Page.

However, some people get their About Me page totally the wrong way around and focus on all the wrong things, which means they might be losing out on clients. Let’s take a look at how to refresh your About Me page and make sure it’s giving people the information they want to know.

Use a photo

Your About Me page is about you, so you need to show up. Make sure your page has a photo (and a recent one, otherwise it’s like those bad dating sites where people use photos that look nothing like them!). Now it doesn’t have to be you in your business gear, looking formal. Remember, this is the page where people come to get to know you. You need to make sure it’s professional looking and good quality, but it’s important that have a nice big photo to great people when they land on your About Me page.

You can also think about using video on there as well – a welcome video, a look around your office or a showcase of your products. Make sure you talk on the video, even if you’re not face to camera, because this is another way that people can start to get to know you, like what you have to say and trust that you’re the right person for them.

Write in the first person

“Sarah is a writer and she loves words and she’s glad you’re here.” 

Writing in the 3rd person anywhere on your website is just weird and will not make you look more professional. In fact, it will really put people off. It’s your About Me page so you want to write it about yourself, as if you’ve written it. There are zero benefits to writing in the third person.

While we are talking about the style you write in, stay away from being too corporate. I know corporate feels safe and lots of my clients are familiar with writing that way, but it won’t win you clients. You need to step away from the corporate speak and find your own voice. That’s what people want to read and that’s what makes clients feel like you’re talking to them and make them choose to work with you.

Talk about you and not your training/qualifications

I see a lot of About Me pages and one massive mistake people make is to use the space to talk about their training and their qualifications.

They talk about where they started their training, who they trained with, where they are accredited or registered, their years of experience and the CPD they have done. Can I be honest….no one cares!

I don’t say that in a flippant way, but really no one cares. Most of your customers and clients don’t book you or buy from you because of your training, qualifications or experience; they choose you because they see that you have something they need/want and they trust you to be the best person to give it to them. Yes, your training and experience is important, but it’s not what makes you you and it’s not how you stand out. Put it on a sub page, put it somewhere else if you want it to include it, but don’t have it on your About Me page.

This page should be about you, not your training and experience.

Talk about what you love about your biz

So, what do you talk about instead????

Talk about your passion, why you love what you do, what brought you to your business, what you love to help change in your clients and customers.

A good About Me page will ooze with your passion for your business. It will show people why they should choose you. Your love for your business should be contagious and that all happens on your About Me page.

Now, it might be a while since you thought about what you love about your business, so take some time to reconnect. I promise, it will fuel your passion again and remind you why you started doing this.

Tell me things that make you a real person

Your About Me page is the place where you show people who you are as a real person and this is the bit where people really struggle. You have to be real, you have give a little bit of yourself, you have to tell me what makes you stand out from the crowd so, it’s important that you share a little bit about you.

Now, it doesn’t have to be EVERYTHING – it’s really important that you only share what you feel comfortable with, but you need to share something.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Do you have pets?

Who do you live with?

Do you have any weird hobbies or habits that you want to share (I always share that I love all things related to water, including throwing myself into lakes, I have a mild addiction to diet coke and I can often be found working in my PJs, pretending they are yoga pants).

You have to go all deep and meaningful – remember, you need to let your personality shine because that will help you write an amazing About Me page that is all about you!

Your About Me page is your conversation with the world – don’t be too formal or stuffy, don’t blind people with qualifications that will mean nothing to them and don’t think that writing about yourself in the 3rd person or in your best corporate voice is what works. People want to connect with you and this is the place they do it.

So, be honest – are you happy with you About Me page or does it need a little TLC?

Sarah Baker