I’d been struggling with motivation and time to get my new website sorted and when I saw that Sarah was offering copywriting services I immediately contacted her. After a phone call explaining what I needed Sarah very quickly found the words that I’d been struggling with. She took time to understand the business and to get into the ‘heads’ of the clients we work with. What I’d made into a monumental task, Sarah just sorted as well as making suggestions for improvement. Sometimes (or maybe often) when you’re working on your own business you need a bit of hand-holding and I would definitely use Sarah’s services again.

They’re great, thank you so much Sarah You know what else? Seeing them written out like that makes it seem do-able too. It’s so good to get some structure and an idea of what I should be doing, better than running around in the dark and wondering! Xx

These are fab, thank you!

Sarah is amazing at what she does. She really is a genius with words. I have learnt so much from her and love that if I need any help with words and marketing I know where to come. Thank you Sarah.

I love them!

It’s perfect and I need you to write my emails for me as well. You just get my business!

Totally professional and superb quality of work. Would recommend Sarah’s Word Emporium to anyone needing that helping hand

WOW…AMAZING….Thank you thank you.  Love them and you are right, so very me!.

Great work Sarah!

You nailed it thanks xx

Thank you so much – this is enormously helpful. It’s amazing what a difference those additions make.

Wow, I am super impressed, thank you so much

From the posts I put out that you did for me I’ve been asked to put together a Stress management program to deliver to foster carers and I’ve been asked to give a talk to Fire Brigade annual conference about Pain Management and anxiety. Amazing!

A real inspiration for me to get going. It feels a bit like you’ve unblocked me with your posts and I now I can create my own!!

I love them. They sound like they came out of my head.

Thank you so much Sarah. It looks amazing! Just what I wanted in terms of not too specific in one area but also not a list of all the areas hypno can be used for. I like the fact that it’s all interlinked. Thank you so much!

Ahh thank you, another great batch! Wonderful stuff.

That batch of posts are AWESOME! Thank you

They are fab! Thank you so much. I can get planning now 😊

You are so good at this; thank you for offering this service, it makes life just that little bit better knowing you are there 💕

Love these. Thank you. I have all my content for next week now.

These sound just like me!

Love it! Even I want to book me!! 🥰 A huge thank you Sarah….it doesn’t sound enough but it comes from a heartfelt place. Sounding natural is difficult when all you’ve ever written is strategic/legal/management type documents and I really was struggling, so what you’ve helped me with is massive.

OMG I absolutely love them Sarah!!

Thank you!

Can I please carry you around in my pocket??😄😎

It feels amazing to have these to hand – you’re so talented!

Totally professional and superb quality of work.
Would recommend Sarah’s Word Emporium to any one needing that helping hand

I love them. They sound like they came out of my head.

I can’t tell you what a big help this has been!!

My posts are simply spot on and wonderful 🌟🌟

I am so grateful for Sarah’s help in writing posts for my social media. Whenever I sit down and try to write posts in bulk my mind just goes blank and often it’s the task I shuffle down to the bottom of my list of things to do again and again. I needed posts I could re-use, that would save me time and would also inspire me to share more about the work I do and that’s exactly what I’ve got. The posts sounds as though they’ve been written by me. They’re short, snappy and appealing and I feel excited about using them. I will certainly be using Sarah again as her skills are awesome. Also, as a bonus, Sarah’s writing has actually inspired and motivated my own writing too which is awesome. Thank you so much

Bloody love it! It’s perfect. Thank you x

They are wonderful! Thanks so much. I’m going to schedule them all in now. That’s one thing off my to do list.

I put my 1st post out less than an hour ago and already have 2 new inquiries from it

My heart was in my mouth reading these – I was nervous at how they would come out but they are perfect! Thank you so much. I’m so excited to see the next ones!

Hi Sarah, they are fab thank you so much , you definitely have a gift for this

Your post just helped me fill my last 2 hour ad hoc space.

Sarah is approachable, practical and is a fountain of knowledge and creativity.

They are fantastic Sarah, much better than I could have done! You really have found your niche.

Well, just had a call from someone saying they really connect with FB posts and booked in for a session. Thank you Sarah x

Sarah you are a genius – thank you

I’m so busy I have a waiting list. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

These are fab – spot on in fact

I signed up with Sarah as social media had me feeling stuck. I very was quickly provided with some fantastic content to post around my personal training business along with ideas for future posts. Sarah is fantastic at what she does!!

This has been my most successful post and is something I would not have come up with which is why you are a star

Thanks for the posts! Big reach on one of them last night with the photo I chose!

These are great. They are even better than the last lot. You are on fire!! Thank you

You have a real flare this, I love the posts

Oh Sarah, these are fantastic!!! You make it look so easy  You’ve got a lovely relaxed feel about them that doesn’t make selling what I do sound icky.

Thank you so much Sarah, I’ve read them a couple of times and they’re just great. There’s no way I’d have been able to put these together.