In order to have a successful business you have to sell something otherwise, it’s not a business. Selling is hard work, maybe it’s not going to plan, maybe you’ve talked about it and no one has bought. Have you launched something but it’s simply flopped? Do you have something you thought everyone would want, but no one did and now it’s just sitting on your website?

Are you wondering if maybe it’s you. Maybe you’re not cut out for it. Why can everyone else seem to do it and not you. What’s going on?

Why do you suck at selling….

Firstly, you do not suck at selling.

You need to stop telling yourself that, you need to stop believing it, you need to stop sprinkling that energy on your business.

You do not suck at selling.

You just haven’t found the right way to sell things. When you do, magic things will happen.

Selling takes more than just writing one social media post or one small page on your website.

People need to see the value in what you’re selling and why they need it. You need to paint a picture, show them why they need to buy this thing from you and why it’s worth the investment.

You need to show them over and over again, until they are ready to buy.

It’s not the thing you’re selling. It’s not that you suck at selling. It’s just you’ve not done enough yet and they haven’t made up their mind.

So, what can you do with your words to help make selling easier?

Get a sales page

A sales page or a services page is a page on your website where you talk about what you’re selling. Having a single page means you can share the link to social media and you can track the stats on your page, so you know how many people are reading it (and how many are clicking the buy now button).

A sales page works whether you’re a service or a product based business. Your page needs to talk about why they are looking for what you’re selling, how it will help them, what life will look like after they have bought it. You need to paint a picture so clear and detailed that they can’t help but want to buy it from you.

Your sales page can tell them what they are getting for their money, why they should buy it from you and why it’s worth the investment. It can list all the deliverables (more about them below), it can share testimonials from other people who have bought it and it can give them multiple places where they can click when they decide to buy.

Sales pages give people a place that they can come back to again and again, until they are ready to buy.

Make sure you have calls to action

Your sales page (and any social media posts and emails) need calls to action. Places that tell people what to do next. People need really clear calls to action in order to decide to buy, so including them when you sell means that you will create more sales.

Don’t hide what you’re selling

Clever language, complicated terms no one has heard of, dancing around what you sell in case you offend someone, not wanting to be ‘pushy’ by selling >>> none of these will help you sell. In fact, all of these make selling impossible.

You need to be clear. You need to talk like you’re having a conversation with someone in front of you. You need to remember that they don’t know everything you do, so don’t assume they know what you’re selling. You. Need. To. Be. Really. Clear.

I used to write things like ‘I can help you create word magic’ and ‘I can sprinkle some creativity over your words’ because I hated the term Copy Writer, but that’s what I do and since I’ve started telling people that, I have never been busier.  When you are clear about what you do and what you’re selling, when you combine that with showing people why they need it and why they should buy it from you, when you add in why it’s worth the investment and how it will transform people’s lives in some way THEN you will be able to sell anything!

Create posts from your sales page

You don’t just need a sales page, you need lots of content. Don’t panic though, because once you have your sales page, you can break this into lots of content for social media, blogs, ideas for lives and videos, emails and so much more. So, when you’re thinking about how to sell, your sales page is the best place to start.

Talk about the deliverables and the benefits

‘I have something you need’ just isn’t enough. Why do I need it, what problem will it solve, what will it give me that I don’t have already, what will I have at the end of it. Break it down, talk about the components, show them benefits they will get and then show them what other people have got from it, through your testimonials. People need to see what’s involved before they can say yes to buying, so include it on your sales page, write social media and emails about it; share the deliverables and the benefits.

Don’t give them a reason to say no

‘I don’t have time, it won’t work, it’s too expensive, I can get it cheaper somewhere else.’ Think of ALL the reasons they might have to say to no to your product/service and write content that answers those reasons. Why will they have time, why will it work for them, why is it just what they’ve been looking for, why won’t they find anything like it anywhere else?

Once you’ve dealt with all the reasons they might have to say no, then they only thing they have to say is YES!

You don’t suck at selling. You rock! But, you have to make sure you are finding the right words to sell what you do. It takes time, it takes hard work, it takes lots and lots of words, but people need what you’re selling.  It’s your job to show them that you have exactly what they need and it’s worth the investment.

Sarah Baker