Hey there busy business owner,


I know there is a pandemic going on and you might be homeschooling small people, but does that mean you need to put your business on hold until things return to ‘normal’? I mean you don’t have the time to put into your business, you haven’t got the energy to think about selling or launching a product, so do you just have to hang on until it’s an easier time?


🟣 What if I had a way that could boost profits without you working harder?

🟣 What if there was a solution where you could just click a link and have what you need to start selling?

🟣 What if you could make money, even while you’re homeschooling the kids?

…….Would you say yes?


You’re a business owner, but at no point in your business plan or your 5 year goals was ‘get through a global pandemic’ on your list of things to do. The last year has affected all of us and some more than others. Businesses have been forced to change, the online marketplace has got louder, because everyone is moving online, and making money might feel harder, but it doesn’t have to be.

Be honest, right now, what have you got that you can sell? What packages and programmes or services do you have on the shelf that you can dust off and put out into the world? What things have you started or planned out and never finished? What ideas have you got, but you’re worried about how you would go about selling them?

In order to make money in your business, you need to sell things. You need to tell people that you have these things on offer. You need to talk about them in lots of different places. But, you’re busy, you might be juggling work around homeschooling, so when do you find the time to write the things you need to sell these products/services?


🔴 Should you just leave them on the shelf until the ‘time is right’?

🔴 Should you not sell anything because you can’t give it the time it needs?

🔴 Should you give up making money until the kids go back to school?


…….Nope, nope, and thrice nope.


✔✔✔ Let’s do something with those ideas, half-finished products, or ready to sell services.

✔✔✔ Let’s put them out into the world, so people can find them and say yes to buying them.

  • Are you a business owner

  • Do you have ideas about things you can sell or even better, have things finished and ready to sell?

  • Do you wish someone would tell you what you need to say in order to start selling?

  • Do you wish you had all the answers at the tip of your fingers?

If you’ve said yes to any of these then I have the perfect solution.

The ‘start selling’ package.

I want to give you exactly what you need to take those products, programmes or services and start selling them with the minimum of effort – leaving you to juggle the homeschooling or get on with other bits of your business.

What's the selling success package all about?

Well, it’s exactly what you need to start selling in your business, even during a pandemic and even if you have lots of other things going on. I want to be able to give you what you need to there are different components you can choose from. You can choose just to have the bare basics, which will give you enough to start selling, the middle option, or you can choose the fancy-pants package and get it all, so all you need to do is copy, paste and sell.

Sound good? Let me tell you a bit more.

Level 1: Start to sell

It’s no good having the perfect product or service if no one knows it’s there. You need to sell it and the most effective way to sell something is through a sales page. This is a dedicated page on your website where people can read about why it’s perfect for them, what’s included, see your credibility, and be able to come back to it again and again, until they decide to buy. Having a sales page on your website (like the one you’re reading right now) will give a starting point to sell from.

The other great news about a sales page is that it houses all the information about the thing you’re selling, so you can use snippets as your social media posts, your emails, and your videos, meaning that you don’t have to put too much work in to have lots of content to sell your products/services.

This one thing could help you get selling ASAP and mean that you know you’re telling the world about what you do, even when you’re spending your days wrestling the kids to do their homeschool work.

Investment – £299


Level 2: The selling funnel

This is for you if you have a freebie and are building your list, but then what???

You need your sales funnel that leads people to buy your programme/product/service.

In this package, I will not only write your sales page, but you will also get 7 emails that you can automate to send to new people who sign up for your freebie. These emails will introduce you and your business and show them that you have the solution they have been looking for. This will lead to a sales page that will show people why the thing you’re selling, is the perfect thing for them and why they should buy it from you.

The good news about this package is it gives you everything you need to start selling in the background, bringing money into your business even if you can’t put as much focus into things at the moment.

Investment – £499 + 10 social media posts free (worth £40)


Level 3: Fancy-pants package

Would you like me to write it all?

Your freebie sign up page?

Your sales page?

Your sales funnel, which are the series of emails that will take people from your freebie to spending money on the thing you’re selling on your sales page?

30 social media posts (worth £70, which I will throw in for free)?

Then you have it all there, ready to use and ready to help you bring in those sales whilst saving you stacks of time.

Investment – £599

Now, I know what you're thinking - is it really worth the investment? Surely, I can do this myself.....

And the answer is absolutely, you can do this yourself, but how long will it sit on your to-do list? How much time will it take you to write the emails and pull together your sales page? How confident do you feel to shout about the benefits and showcase your talents?

These packages will help you start selling and bring money into your business. If you’re selling a service for £99 you would only need to sell 6 of them the fancy-pants package has paid for itself.

Those services won’t sell themselves. Those products won’t prise themselves from the dusty corners of your computer and leap into the world without help. People can’t search for the solutions that you offer unless you have a sales page that will speak to them.


I can help with it, but you need to decide to say yes. Are you saying yes?

But who am I anyway?

I’m Sarah and I’m a Copy Writer. I spend my days writing words for other businesses and I’m not shy in saying that I’m a bit good at it. I’ve written for 100’s of different businesses, I’ve helped people sell out courses, transform their profits, smash their ‘best month ever’ record and fill their diary with happy clients willing to pay what they charge. All by making sure people have the right words. And I’d love to help you. I know we are all going through a lot at the moment and your mind might be elsewhere, but these packages can help you bring money into your business without it stealing your time or creating more stress for you.


– Would you like to sell more and make more money?

– Would you like to know you had the processes in place to help you sell?

– Would you like help from an experienced copy writer, who can write so it sounds and feels like you’ve written it yourself?

– Do you want to invest in your business, knowing that you can repay that investment when the sales roll in?

– Do you want to click the button below and get started?

I’ve sold my first place and my sales page has only just gone live. You are good!

I’ve had my best month ever – AGAIN. And it’s all thanks to you.

I don’t know how you just seem to ‘get’ my business, but I’m glad you do because it’s making all the difference.