Your mailing list is a pot of your gold in your marketing mix.

People need a reason to hand over their email address, so a great way to get them to sign up, is to offer them something for a free.

An ebook, a how to guide, a video, a quiz, a cheat sheet or even an audio. Something that showcases your talents, skills, services or products. But, there are so many freebies out there and so many mailing lists to sign up to, you need to persuade people that they want to join your one.

Telling people that they will get great tips or that this free resource will change their life isn’t enough. You need to sell it to them, because they are paying – with their email address.

Your sign up page is so important in making them want to say yes and once they have said yes, they are on your mailing list and you have direct access to their in-box.

You need a sign up page that speaks to them, that connects with how they’re feeling and shows them why they need to get this freebie. For just ¬£149, I can help you get people to want what you’re offering and get them clicking to join your mailing list.

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