Sales funnels are a way of leading people where you want them to go.

A sales funnel can be seen as an icky marketing ploy, but really it’s a way of leading people around your business and putting things, they might be interested in, in front of them.

It works like this – people sign up for your amazing free resource and join your mailing list. You then have a sequence of emails that are sent automatically over the next few days and weeks that help them get to know your business more. It might offer them deals, show them your website, share expertise and testimonials, but each email builds on the last and showcases your business, products and services.

Those emails have the power to sell to people, in the background, while you are getting on with other things. It’s a powerful tool in your marketing mix and one you can set up and automate, to work it’s magic behind the scenes.

In this package I will write you 7 emails to make sure your sales funnel is doing it’s job and showcasing your business to people who join your mailing list, converting them into paying clients and customers.


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