Not everyone has the time or the inclination to read every word we write (rude I know,😉  but it’s true!), so what can we do to get our point across to the time poor, the skim readers or the tell me what I need to know now or else I’m scrolling past people? Are they a lost cause or are the things you can do to help you connect with them? The good news is there are things you can do to get your message across and make them want to know more.

Headlines are KING.

Headlines are so important, but often the thing that gets forgotten. Whether it’s an email headline, the first line of a post or the opening line of your website page – headlines are what hook people in and make them want to read more. If your headline isn’t right then you are losing people from your first sentence and your message isn’t getting across.

Headlines need to be catchy – ‘read this blog about cheese’, just won’t work, but something like ‘why this is the world’s best cheese’ or ‘5 things you didn’t know about cheese’ is much more likely to make people intrigued and want to read on.

Break it up.

Massive amounts of text will put anyone off, so make sure you break it up.

  • Use bullets.
  • Images can help.
  • Make sure the text is a good size and colour to read.
  • Put lots of headlines or summary points throughout your text.
  • Cut down your words – do you really need to write that much?
  • Use conversational language as it keeps people engaged more.

Bold it up.

A really great tip is to read through your text and work out, if I only skim read this information, what are the key points I need to know and then put that text in bold. Then, my eye is drawn to those key points, even if I’m not reading the whole thing, I am still getting everything that’s important.

Calls to action.

If I’ve read it or skim read it, what would you like me to do now? Was it just for information (just to note that all your content should have a point or purpose) or is there some action you want me to take? This is your call to action and it’s key for keeping people engage in your message.

Do you want them to click a link and buy something, do you want them to book in for a consultation, do you want them to head to another page of your website, sign up for your mailing list, give you a comment or share with friends? Don’t expect people to know or guess – make it really clear.

Don’t blend in.

There is so much online marketing stuff out there that you need to remember to stand out. Let your personality shine, make your message become something they want to read all of, let your clients and customers feel like you’re having a conversation with them and they are much more likely to read the content you put out there.

Give these a go and let me know how you get on.

Sarah Baker