I’m a Northern girl and here we talk about getting nowt – nothing; and it’s something to remember when you’re posting on social media. Yes, a pretty meme might get you lots of likes, sharing an article from an ‘expert’ might improve your reach, but really those sorts of posts bring your business nowt.

Your posts need purpose. 

You need to remind people who you are and what you do.

You need to remind them that you have something you can buy.

You need to show them that you’re the expert, let them get to know you, like what you have to say and trust that you and your business can help them in some way.

You need to lead them to other parts of your marketing like your website, blogs, your freebie or your testimonials.

You need to connect with how they are feeling, show them that you understand and offer them a solution that will change how they feel.

You need to make them see that you are worth the investment and make them want to choose your business to spend their money with.

Your social media is the first step in your marketing, but don’t assume that people will like a post and then go and look around at your business in the off chance that you have something they need. They want to be shown, they want to know why they should follow you and why they would want to find out more.

If you’re just sharing inspiration, pretty memes or even other people’s posts you’re wasting an opportunity. People are looking for your help, they want what you have, but they need you to be brave enough to show them.


I once worked with a lovely lady, who had a huge following and made the most amazing inspirational memes, but she didn’t make any money in her business because no one knew what she did.

See, pretty memes will bring you nowt.

When she told people they could work with her, when she wrote posts that connected, when she was clear and upfront about what she did on her website and in her social media, her business was transformed and she was finally able to make a living from her skills. All because she refocused her words and her message and told people she had something they could buy.

Yes, memes and inspiration are lovely, but they won’t help you create the successful business you want.

Is it time to be more direct about what you do?


Love Sarah