We’ve all done it – you tell the world that you’re open for business, are taking appointments for new clients or even launch a new programme and product into the world and then….nothing. No sales, no bookings, no interest.

I mean, why????? What is going on? Is is the thing you’re selling? Do you need a bigger audience or to spend more money to make it work? Or do you just need to do things differently and tell a different story?

Selling can make us feel uncomfortable and it can feel like hard work, but selling is essential to your business. We often tell people the things they want to know – the nuts and bolts, the logistics, the how’s and the why’s, but they don’t bring us the business we want. When I was a therapist I told everyone about my training, my qualifications, the accrediting bodies who I worked with. I told them about the therapies I would use in a session and how their session was bespoke to them and I listed all the things I could help you. However, I struggled to get clients because they didn’t care about any of this stuff. What they cared about was HOW I would help make them feel and whether I had experience of helping people who felt like you felt.

Sometimes, all we need to do is change our story and our business (and our income) can be transformed as well.

Firslty, people need to feel like you understand how they are feeling.

What is bringing them to their keyboard to search for help? What is pushing them to look for a business like yours? How is there thing affecting them? How is it getting in the way?

Then how do they wish they could feel?

Not the logistics about how things will work, but how will their life, their emotions, their behaviours, their techie abilities, their business or their relationships be transformed by what you are offering. Get them to imagine what life would be like if you could change how they are feeling. Paint a picture, tell a story, make it technicolour. 

Then tell them how they can get from where they are to where they dream of being. 


Your services, your program, your product, your solution. 

The bigger and brighter you can paint the picture of how things will change when they have invested in the thing you’re offering, the more likely they are to invest in it.

They don’t care about the how’s and the why’s; they just want to know that your business is the solution they have been looking for,

Your social media, blogs, videos, emails and having a dedicated sales page are all ways to help you paint that picture so that you get those clients and customers saying yes to what you have on offer.

So, when it comes to selling maybe it’s time to start doing things differently and tell a story that makes your clients want to say yes.

I’d love to hear how you get on.


Love Sarah

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