Is your copy too clever? Are you dancing around with wonderfully evocative language, are you painting elaborate pictures, are you using buzz words no one understands? Yes, your words are powerful and you can do beautiful things with them, but your clever language might be scaring clients and customers away.

Let me show you what I mean. 

Let’s meet Sandra, who is a photographer. She works with families and also has just branched out into working with business woman. Her website reads like this.

Hi, I’m Sandra and I help capture moments in time, so you can look back on them with fondness. 

Doesn’t that sound lovely, but it tells me nothing about what Sandra does and not many clients will search around for more information. They will simply go elsewhere.

I made this mistake too. When I started copywriting, I hated the term, so I got all fancy. I talked about creating word magic, I avoided using words like conversion and sales funnels because I was worried that my audience would think I only cared about the money side of things and I wanted them to see that getting their copy right was so much more.

But, it didn’t work. The bounce rate on my website was HUGE, I had no visitors to blogs I wrote and I could hear crickets in my marketing. My audience were too busy CEO-ing the pants out of their business to spend time interpreting what my copy was trying to tell them.

The solution? I got really plain, simple and straight to the point because that’s what good copy needs to be. Clients and customers need to know who you are, what you do, how it will help them, and what they need to spend to get it. If Sandra changes her copy to read the following, so will get so much more interest, because what she does and who she does it for becomes much clearer.

Hi, I’m Sandra and I’m a photographer working with families and businesswoman, so you can create lasting memories or images that can help you stand out.

A really good way to check if your copy is too clever is to ask someone to read it who doesn’t know much about your business. If they get to the end of it and they don’t know what you do, what you were trying to sell them, or what they will get from buying this thing then your copy isn’t working.

Good copy is clean, simple and straightforward. Yes, words can be fancy and beautiful, but they aren’t the ones that will successfully sell what you do.

Sarah Baker

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