You want to write words that help you sell. Whether it’s social media posts, emails for your launch, or a sales page on your website, but how do you know that your copy will help you sell?

Writing copy is an art form. It’s not something you can just throw together the night before you need it and expect it to do its job. Successful copy connects with the audience and converts them into paying customers and clients. You need to make sure your copy is right, so you can sell successfully. Here are some ways to write copy that sells.

1️⃣Paint a picture

The first thing to do when writing copy that sells is paint a picture. People need to care enough about what you’re selling and see why it’s right for them before they will hand over their money for it. Now, it’s important that you include the details about what they are buying, but this is less important than selling the idea of what they’re buying.

Think of it this way – it’s much easier to sell a good night’s sleep than it is the bed you’re sleeping on.

Copy that sells needs to talk to your audience about how they are feeling right now. What has made them want to search for what you sell? Then your copy needs to talk about how differently they could feel. What if they had that good night’s sleep, how would life improve? Then successful copy shows them that the way from where they are right now to feeling how they wish they felt is your product or service.

The more you paint the picture with your words, the more your audience can see themselves in your picture, the more they believe your business is the way to change things for them, the easier it is for them to say yes. 

2️⃣Be upfront

Be clear about what you’re selling, what the benefits are, and how much it is. There is nothing worse than copy that goes on and on, only to tell you to book in for a discovery call to find out the cost.

Your audience doesn’t want to mess about. They want to know the details and then they can get in touch to tell you they want to book or to find out more. Don’t hide things in the hope that you can get them on the phone to persuade them. Your copy should do that. Make your words work, so by the time you get to the ‘buy now’ button they are ready to hand over the money for whatever you’re selling.

3️⃣Have clear calls to action

Once you’ve wowed them with your words, you need to have clear calls to action. Don’t be afraid to tell them what to do next.

‘Click here to buy now’, ‘secure your spot here’, ‘I’m ready to get started’ buttons are all great calls to action so your audience know how to get what you’re selling.

You should use calls to action everywhere because people like to know what to do next. Don’t be scared or worried that you will appear bossy. The right calls to action can make or break your sales, so make sure you’re using them.

4️⃣Include social proof

You want people to hand over their hard-earned money, so you need to make sure you can show them that your stuff will do what you promise. You want them to see that you’re worth investing in and social proof is a great way to do that. Testimonials show your audience that you’ve sold this thing to other people and it helped them in the way we talked about in point 1️⃣ above. Make sure that you share the love for your product or service everywhere you can because it will help you sell more. 

5️⃣Track and tweak

You can’t expect to sell successfully in a vacuum. There will never be a single post or sales email that boosts your income to 6-figures. You need to track what works and tweak what doesn’t. Are people opening your emails, engaging with your social media, clicking links? Are they reading your sales page, looking around your website, and following your calls to action? If not, why not? You need to track your stats and tweak things when you need to.

Now, please don’t change things every few days. Those words need a little time to work their magic, but if you have a 1000 people visit your sales page on your website, they all leave within 30 seconds, sending your bounce rate sky high and no one clicks on the call to action button then you can assume there is something wrong with the text in the opening paragraphs and you may need to rewrite it. Tracking and tweaking help you sell successfully because you can see what’s working and what isn’t.


Like I said, writing copy is an art form. It takes time, perseverance, and patience, but when you get it right you will see your income soar. Don’t lose out on money or business because you don’t have the right words. Ask yourself how much your copy is actually costing you when it doesn’t work?

Sarah Baker


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