Is it time to think about how to sell without social media?


Have you noticed the move away from social media at the moment? Well-known people are quitting, there are courses on how to sell without using social and being seen on your platform, and getting that all-important interaction feels harder and more time-consuming than ever.

So, how can you sell without social media? Is it possible, is it something you should try to do, where do you market what you do if not on your social media accounts?

I remember when I was a business coach, and I used to bang on about posting 4 times a day, posting on multiple platforms, and showing up so you’re seen on social media. It was a lot and people struggled with it. I know I did. Now, a few years later, social media has become even more consuming.

Videos, reels, engagement, lives, stories.

So, how do you market your business and sell what you do without spending your whole day making reels and videos or writing content? Is it really possible to sell without social media?

Social media has been a great, free place to sell and market your business. But, as people move online and the platforms grow, it becomes harder and harder to be seen. One huge mistake in business is to place all your focus on social media. Writing a post, sharing a meme, popping on a sales link doesn’t feel like an enormous task, but how many times have you posted something, sat back, and waited for the inquiries and sales, and got nothing but silence and tumbleweed?

Yes, social media is a good place to spread the word about your business, but the shift away from using social reminds us that we need to be marketing in other places as well. But, where should you be focusing your copywriting time and marketing attention if you want to move away from selling on social media?



Blogging is great! It’s not just a way to steal more of your time and make you create more content. Blogs have so many benefits, they are worth spending some time on each week or even month.

Blogs are like longer social media posts, so you can share your expertise and build that know, like, and trust factor.

You can keyword blogs. You can include more of your searchable terms in your blogs and then your website and your business show up when people search for those things on Google. So, blogging helps your SEO.

Writing blogs for other people/websites helps your SEO as well. Having backlinks from other sites is a massive boost for your SEO and you get to share your expertise with a new audience.

Your blogs can lead them to the next step. Don’t just end your blog and leave your reader hanging or expect them to search out more. Have a clear Call To Action. Do you have a free resource that might help, is there a course you want them to sign up for, what about other blogs that might interest them. Give them a link or a button that will take them onto another part of your marketing.

Plus, you can break down your blogs to create social posts, share your blog links onto your social media, turn it into a live and so much more. Blogs are a massive part of marketing away from social media.


Your mailing list

Ah, the trusty mailing list. Probably the most under-used marketing technique for many of us. Do you nurture your list? Are you trying to build and grow it each month? Are you emailing the people you have on it and reminding them what you do and what they can buy from you?

People think social media is the place to market, but remember that it’s the algorithm that decides who sees your posts, but with your mailing list, you have direct access to people’s inboxes. Are you making the most of that?

Make time each month to grow your list, send regular (but not too often – no one wants an email every day from you) emails, talk to your audience, and squeeze the benefits and value from having their email address. It’s a great place to market your business. 


Your website

Your website isn’t just a place to list what you can help with and all the things you offer. It’s a shopwindow for your business and it will either invite people in or scare them away. Make sure your copy works to invite them in!

Also, make sure your website is really clear about what you do. If you only have 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention, are you telling them the things they need to know to make them want to stick around and find out more?


Your sales page

I know selling can be icky and uncomfortable, but in this noisy, online world, if you’re not selling clearly then you won’t sell anything. Don’t hide what you do, don’t dance around it with clever copy. Be direct, straight to the point and clear and the best way to do this is to have a sales page. Think about this page as a standalone thing. If I’ve never seen your social, looked around your website, or joined your mailing list, this page needs to give me enough detail about what you’re selling and why I need it to make me want to click the buy now button. Did you know your sales page should include about 13 different chunks of information? This is your opportunity to share what you’re selling and make people want to say yes. 

And remember, that your audience needs to be able to find your sales page (and your website), so make sure you’re sharing it on social if you’re staying on your platforms, but also to your mailing list.

Selling isn’t a case of ‘if you have it, they will come and find you.’ Nope, it’s more about laying down breadcrumbs and leading them to where they want to say yes to what you’re selling. Shouting about it on social just won’t cut it. You need to write your copy well, clearly and in all these places in order to create marketing that works. 


Finally, I just want to remind you that it’s your business, so don’t ever feel forced into marketing in a certain way because you’re told you ‘should’. If you don’t want to make reels where you point and random words or dance about, then don’t. If you want to create TikTok videos that make your kids cringe then do it. If you want to write long posts, write them, and equally, if you want to build your business son short, snappy posts, then do it.

Build a business on your terms. There is no other way to do it!!

Happy marketing!

Sarah Baker


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