Have you ever written something that you thought was dog’s dangly bits, only to have no one read it?

You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect email and hardly anyone opens it.

You put time and effort into your website, but your bounce rate is way higher than you want it be and you don’t know why no one is sticking around to read your wonderful copy.

Your social media is flopping around like a fish out of water and no one is paying it any attention.

Any of those sound familiar?

It might be your hook. 

Firstly, what’s a hook?

A hook is a sentence or two that you use to hook people in to make them read more. People don’t want to read things that aren’t of use to them, so the opening lines of your copy is really important in showing your audience that the words that follow your hook are perfect for them. Getting your hook right will help more people see your copy, which means your copy will work better.

You can use your hooks as your opening titles for your emails, on your home page, sales pages, blogs, and even on your social media.

It’s amazing how a short sentence or two can boost your engagement, get more clicks and convert more clients and customers.

You can use hooks that show your client group that you’re talking to them.

‘Are you a busy working mum’

‘Dear self-employed CEO’

Pug owners, read on as I have something you’re going to want to hear’


Your hooks can be problem-driven.

‘Sick of dieting and running on empty?’

‘Dream of cloning yourself, so you can get more done? I might have a simpler way to create more time in your business’.

‘Sick of searching for the perfect website solution?’


Or your hooks can be solution-focused?

‘Want to find a mattress that lets you nap like sleeping beauty?’

‘What if this is the solution you’ve been searching for?’

‘Ready to wave goodbye to thankless discovery calls and hello to fully paid up clients?’


Hooks tell your reader who you’re talking to, what you’re talking about, or how you can help them, or if you write a good one, they can combine all three.

So, lovely online business owner, ready to crack your copy so you can boost your engagement, conversion and profits?

See what I did there? 😉

But really, if you need a helping hand click the button below, and let’s chat about how changing your copy can give you more in your business.

Give your hooks a go and see the difference they make in your business.