If you think of your website like a shop for your business, then your home page is the shop window. Your home page is often the first place people land when they come across your website and the place where they decide if they want to hang around to find out more or click away to look for another business to spend their money with.

Your shop window has huge potential to help your business thrive, but it can also be the thing standing in the way of your success.

Is your your home page sending them running for the hills?

Firstly, are you throwing everything at them?

You wouldn’t peak your head into a new shop and expect the shop owner to throw everything they sold at you, would you? You wouldn’t expect them to tell you about the training courses they’d been on or the places they have insurance? You wouldn’t want to feel overwhelmed by everything the shop offered, so eventually you forgot why you were looking there in the first place. If that happened you would make your excuses and run!

And it’s the same with your home page.

It should be an introduction to your business, a place where people can clearly see what you do and who you are, a place that tells them they are in the right place and that they don’t have to keep looking for that thing, because you have it right there.

Your home page doesn’t have to be massive and it doesn’t have to throw everything at them in case they don’t look around the rest of your site.


Are you setting the right tone?

The tone of your website is key to making people want to stick around and find out more. If it’s too formal, it will scare people off. If you’re hiding in the shadows, too nervous to show up as you and talk to them about how they are feeling, if it’s written in the 3rd person and makes you sound like a huge, faceless company or if it uses too many words and blinds people with information, then you are going to send visitors off to someone else’s website.

Think about your home page as you having a conversation with a client or a customer. What’s the first thing you want them to know, what questions are they asking themselves, what information is important for them to find straight away and how would you word things? I bet you wouldn’t talk in that corporate voice or in the 3rd person if you were chatting with someone face to face, so don’t do it on your website. Copy is much more effective when it’s friendly and conversational. Try reading your home page out loud and see how it sounds.


Are you giving them a snapshot?

You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention and make them want to know more about your business, so you need to sum up who you are, who you help and what you’re offering that they might need. Is your website summarising what you do, so people want to know more or is there too many words and it takes them too long, so they click away?


Are you showing them where to go next?

Your home page is the gateway to the rest of your website, so make sure you’re telling people where to go next. Don’t assume that they have the time or the inclination to hunt around your website, just in case you have the thing they need. Show it to them. Where do you want them to go next – your testimonials page, your product page, a page that explains about how they can work with you, a find out more button, a start here button. This shows them what to do next and calls to action are key to helping people decide to spend money on you and your business, so make sure you’re clear about where they should go next.

Remember, that you have a whole website to show people that they need the thing you do in your business, but a big mistake is to try to fit all of that on a home page. It’s just the first stepping stone; you need to make sure it grabs people’s attention, shows who you are and what your business does, makes clear that you have something your visitors need and has a clear call to action of where to go next to get started or find out more. When you get your home page right, your website will get more visitors and more importantly, it will help you make more sales/income in your business.

Sarah Baker

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