How many times have you thought ‘I could write a book’?


You might have even started writing it, but you don’t have the time, the ideas are too hard to get onto the page or writer’s block keeps your book hidden away at the back of your head.

Books are a great way to

  • build your audience,
  • showcase your expertise,
  • increase your credibility,
  • connect you with new people who might never have found you,
  • share your story and
  • boost your income,
  • plus how amazing would it be to see your book on a bookshelf or see it when you search online?


But, unless you can find the time or silence that inner critic, then how do you write a book?

You hire a ghostwriter.

Why is a Ghostwriter the solution for your book woes?

A Ghostwriter is someone who can write your book for you.

It’s not cheating. It’s simply another way of doing things.

I take your non-fiction book idea, all the thoughts, ideas, and stories you have in your head that you want to include in your book, and I write it for you.

It will sound like you, it will feel like you’ve written it, but I will have taken all the stress, writer’s block, and angst out of it and you will end up with a book you love.

Imagine, 6 months from now your book could be finished and ready to sell. How amazing would that be?

How does it work?

✔ You tell me your non-fiction book idea, who it’s for and what you’d like to include.

✔ I come up with a plan and chapter ideas.

✔ We book in 4-6 one hour interviews (we can do these as single hours or break it down into 30 minute slots).

✔ I write the first draft of your book.

✔ You read it, we work through each chapter together, adding in anything else you want to include.

✔ Once the changes are made, you send it to an editor, then you can self-publish online or in hard copy and start selling your book.


It really is that simple. All you need to do is talk and share your ideas/stories and I will turn them into your book.

Yes, you could do it on your own, but how long has that book idea sat in your head? How many times have you pushed it further down your to-do list? How many people need to read your story, but can’t because it’s not written.

It’s time to change all of that and let me write those words for you.

Plus, the great thing about ghostwriting is that it’s all you. It’s your name on the front of the book and no one will know that you didn’t write it yourself.

But who am I anyway?

I’m Sarah and I’m a copywriter by day, but an author/ghostwriter by night. I’ve written four books this year already and none of them have my name on! I love writing, I have a head full of words and a talent to be able to write like my clients sound. I worked as a researcher for a decade and I’m able to ask all those questions you need to get your book out and unpick the things you say so I get all your ideas and stories to include in your book. I can write all those words and create your book for you.

Want to know more, ask questions or chat with me about your book idea?