1. No clear audience from the get go.

2. Too many words.

3. Too few words.

4. No way to keep them interested and reading.

5. No calls to action (or not enough of them).


Writing a sales page is a big deal. It’s the thing that convinces people to spend money on what you do and if your sales page can’t engage them, make them want to read on and show them why it’s worth the investment they probably won’t buy.


No one wants a failed launch or a product that flops because their sales page is sucky.

– Are you being clear from the first line who you’re talking to?

– Are you using too many words? Are your sentences long and drawn out? Do you use 20 words when 5 will do?

– But, have you used enough words. Have you written enough to convince them of the benefits and the reasons they need to hand over their money? 

– Are you breaking things into sections, using different coloured text or bullets to summarise or are they overwhelmed and therefore, likely to click away?

– Do you have clear and persuasive calls to action dotted around your page?


A good way to check if your sales page is working is to look at how many people have bought from you because of it. If your sales are lower than you want or your launch isn’t going to plan, then I would always start by looking at the sales page.

– Are people clicking on it?

– Are you converting into paying customers or clients?

If not, then there is a big chance that your sales page is falling short of the mark and needs some work.

Don’t panic though because I have an online course that walks you through everything you need to have a successful sales page and you can grab it from the link below right now and DIY your sales page so that it sells again and again.


Let’s get creating that sales page that sells.

Your step by step guide to writing a sales page that sells