Hey, there fellow business owners,

Do you have an audience you talk to regularly? Are you always looking for speakers, content ideas, or even someone to take over for a week, while you get on with other things?

Well, I have just the thing.

How about I come and talk to your crowd about copy and the importance of words? For free!

I will come into your group or social media page and run a free masterclass on copywriting. We can chat about the best focus for your audience, but some ideas could be…

  • How to create content easily
  • How to write certain bits of copy like websites or social media posts
  • How to write content that converts
  • How do you know if your copy is working

And so much more.

Copy is so important in business. People focus on their logo or their branding but often forget about their words. Words can make or break a business and getting the right ones is key to building an audience and boosting income/profit. Could your audience do with a helping hand with these things?

Do they often tell you that they struggle to know what to write? Do they spend ages writing and rewriting things? Do they find selling hard work? Are they missing parts of their marketing because they don’t know what to say? Do they need some advice, guidance or support to transform their copy and content?

Then this is your chance to get them help with all of that.

How does it work?

Just let me know that you’re interested by submitting the contact form below. We chat about your business and your audience and decide on a focus for your online masterclass. We get the date in the diary and you share the event with your crowd.

On the day we can do a live together or I can go solo and teach your audience a 45-minute class that will help them transform their copywriting.

You can also sign up for my affiliate scheme here (whether you book me to speak or not) and you will receive 10% of any jobs your audience books through your links (your 10% commission could range from £4 to £300, depending on what they book!), so you get paid for any work you send my way.

What have you got to lose?

You get content for your audience.

You help them transform their copy. 

You help them connect with their crowd.

You get paid for any work I get from your audience. 

And I get to talk about words – lots. Which I LOVE to do. 

A little thank you to Sarah Baker. I changed my language slightly in my posts and I’ve had so many more enquiries and bookings. Thank you xx

Your energy is contagious. I can’t wait to start writing now. You’ve given me the confidence to give it a go.

It all makes so much more sense. Why couldn’t someone have told me this when I started? I wouldn’t have wasted so much time.

OMG! That was bloody amazing. Thank you so much xxx

Thank you!!!! Everyone loved it. I’ve had so many messages. You rock.

Sarah is a master of her craft. She came into my member’s group for a live workshop, and the impact that she made in such a short time is phenomenal. Not only did my members all comment that they loved her energy, but they have all gone on to create social media posts with much more ease and confidence than they previously had. I have seen a noticeable improvement in the content produced by my members, and they have reported an increase in engagement, inquiries, and sales – which just goes to show the importance of the words that we use in our business! I could have listened to Sarah all evening, I never knew that talking about words and writing could be so interesting and exciting! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve the words that they use in their business.

Rebecca Ledger

WHISK - The Cake Business School

Sarah has an utter wealth of experience to share with your audience. Her very approachable style of delivery is engaging, insightful and impactful for the audience and people always take away a stack of hints and tips from her training which I’ve seen them implement immediately with heaps of success. I recommend Sarah as a speaker for any business community who wants to make their words make them more money!

Emma Holmes

Rebels and Rockstars

Your audience can learn why words are so important, how to create content easily, how to become a writer in their business, how to create copy that connects and converts, practical tips and techniques that I use to write 1000s of words a week, and much more. Just think of the value that would add to the community and the magic it could help your audience make happen.

By filling in the contact me form you’re not committed to anything, so why not pop in your details and let’s chat and then you can decide if this is something your audience needs.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Just pop your details and a quick note about wanting to know about the workshops in the contact me form below and let’s get started.

Spaces are limited, so jump in there quickly.

Sarah x

Why work with me?

I’m Sarah and I’m a Copy Writer. I spend my days writing words for other businesses and I’m not shy in saying that I’m a bit good at it. I’ve written for 100’s of different businesses, I’ve helped people sell out courses, transform their profits, smash their ‘best month ever’ record and fill their diary with happy clients willing to pay what they charge. All by making sure people have the right words. And I’d love to help you. I know we are all going through a lot at the moment and your mind might be elsewhere, but these packages can help you bring money into your business without it stealing your time or creating more stress for you.

Interested in a workshop? Pop your information in below and let's chat.

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