You’re writing copy and sending it out into the world in your marketing, but how do you know it’s working? Here is a quick guide to the five main marketing areas you might want to keep an eye on and some ways to check if your copy is doing its job of attracting you more business and boosting your income.


1. Social media

What’s your reach and engagement like?

Are you growing your audience each month?

Are people following your calls to action?


2. Website

How much traffic/visitors does your website get and which pages do they visit?

What’s your bounce rate?

What keywords is your audience searching for and are you creating content linked to those words?


3. Funnel

How many people click and sign up?

Do people read your follow-up automated emails?

Do you convert people to paying customers/clients?


4. Sales Page

Do you have one?

Is it converting?

If it’s not converting, what is it costing you in missed/lost income?


5. Launching

Have you split tested what works with your audience?

How many people are clicking on your calls to action?

What’s your conversion rate and is it what you wanted/expected?


Good copy takes time to craft and needs to be monitored to make sure it’s working. What worked last time might not work now. Adding to that old sales page or rejigging your website text probably won’t have the desired effect. Is it time to look at your copy with fresh eyes and create something that works and brings you an increase in business and profit?

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