Lockdown 3.0 and we’re all juggling more than we’re used to. How do you create killer content, connect with your audience, and sell what you do, all while homeschooling? Does something have to give? Do you have to park making money and helping your clients, stop creating content, and simply put your business on the back burner until things return to ‘normal’? The good news is NO! There are some tricks and tips you can use to create copy that helps your business while you’re helping your kids with those maths problems that seem to be way more complicated than when we were at school.


1. Reuse what you have

Don’t be afraid to reuse old posts. Only about 10% of your social media followers see your posts, so don’t be afraid to post them more than once. I keep a content library of all my old posts and I’ll be relying on this a lot during lockdown. You’ve spent time writing those posts, so make sure you’re giving people more than one opportunity to see them.

2. Recycle

As well as reusing old posts, you can change your content, so you get more use of it. You can break a blog or sales page down into social media posts. You can turn on the dictaphone in Word when you do a live and it will transcribe what you say, so you can turn it into a blog. You can add images to a post or emojis and make it feel totally different. Look at what you’ve got already and think about how you can shake things up and recycle.

3. Create less

There is lots of talk about posting 4 times a day on Facebook, blogging weekly, sending emails, doing lives and so much more, but there are so many hours in the day. Give yourself permission to do less. Posting less often will do less damage to your business than throwing rushed, low-quality copy out there. It’s ok to do less.

4. Be clear with your calls to action

Knowing why you’re posting and having clear calls to action in your copy will really help you stay focused. If you’re posting an inspirational meme or sharing that article, how is that helping your business and what action do you want your audience to take afterward? When you’re clear about the purpose of your words and the action you want people to take, then you make sure that you spending your time creating content that will have an impact on your business, rather than just filling space. Be clear about what you want people to do next – click to download, find out more, buy now. Clear calls to action can boost business.

5. Automate

What can you do in advance? What can you schedule? What can you set up to work in the background? You can still attract your audience and make sales when you’re homeschooling the kids, and the more you automate, the easier that process is.

6. Remember, you don’t have to be a superhero

During the first lockdown, I tried to do it all. Homeschool the kids, look after my family who were isolating, working full time, and dealing with all the other things that pop up each day. I nearly broke. I was exhausted, stressed, and on the verge of burnout. This time I’m doing things differently. Remember, you don’t have to be a superhero. Look at your hours, let clients know what to expect, don’t work late nights just to fit everything in, take breaks, and if you can, try to work around homeschooling, rather than trying to do both things at once.

It’s an unprecedented time and there is no right or wrong way to do things, but it’s important that you find a way that works for you. You don’t have to be able to juggle all the balls all the time, but you also need to remember that it’s possible to build a successful, profitable business while you’re in lockdown and enjoying the ‘joys’ of homeschooling.

We’ve totally got this.

Sarah Baker