Hello! I’m Sarah Baker, chief writer at The Word Emporium


I live in the (not so) sunny North East of England, I’m mum to two (not so) small people and we have way too many pets. I love words (reading and writing them), casual Friday’s (which is everyday), Diet Coke, laughing at my own jokes and anything that involves water (the beach, the sea, mermaids and throwing myself in lakes).

I left the simple life of the Civil Service about 7 years ago to set up my own therapy business. Over time that became the Therapy Biz Coach where I started writing for therapists. I found that I loved writing and seemed to have an endless, unlimited stream of words in my head that I could use to help other businesses.

And so began The Word Emporium.


I now write for all types of business and blimey, I have written for quite a range. Whether it’s a one off project they are struggling with or to help them unlock their creativity, give them ideas or even to write regularly to help them save time in their business, I LOVE being able to create the words for their business and I look forward to working with you and your business soon.

Why not have a look around the site and if you have any questions please let me know.

Sarah Baker


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