The online world has become even noisier in a COVID-19 world, as lots of businesses try to connect with customers in a virtual way. You might have noticed more competition, more people selling what they do online and it becoming increasing harder to attract customers and clients to your business. Is there a way to create content that speaks to people and brings them to your business – even when it’s a noisy market place?

The good news is, there is, and as a Copy Writer, who spends her days writing for other business, I want you to know that you can be seen online, without spending a fortune on marketing experts or ads and I want to show you how.

  1. Don’t try to sell ice to the Eskimos

People feel strange about selling, because it’s the idea that you’re forcing something on someone that they don’t really need, but that’s not how to sell successfully.

It’s not about persuading people they need something you have, that they don’t really want or need. The Eskimos don’t need ice. Instead, it’s about showing people you understand the gap/need/wish/desire that your product or service is going to fill.

People are out there right now looking for what you sell. You don’t need to force them into buying it, so that they end up with buyer’s remorse. You need to understand why they need what you have and how it’s going to transform things for them in some way. Then show them that your business/service/product is exactly what they need to fill that gap.

The reason they need your business already exists, all you need to do is tap into it.

When people see yours is the solution for them, then they will buy, love what you sell, tell all their friends and write rave reviews on your website.


2. Engage don’t shout

It’s easy to talk about how you can help, what service you offer or how amazing your products are, but it won’t get you noticed. Shouting is not the way to sell what you do. When you shout, people stop paying attention and your posts will fall from people’s newsfeeds because the social media algorithms want more. Instead you need to engage.

You wouldn’t start a friendship by listing all the things you’re great at and expect the other person to be wowed by how amazing you are; it’s the same with selling. Shouting about what you do isn’t how you stand out in a noisy market place.

Ask questions, offer advice, mix up your post types, share your expertise, enjoy yourself. Social media is just that – social. In order to stand out, you need to be a person and build personable connections with people. That way people remember you, they want to know more about you, they begin to trust you and that’s when they decide to choose your business over all the other ones out there.


3. Be everywhere

You can’t just market in one place and expect that to be enough. You need to be on different social media platforms, you need to have a website that speaks to your crowd, create a free resource they want to sign up for, connect with them through your mailing list and show them again and again who you are and how your products/services can fill that need we talked about in point 1.

Marketing takes time, but without it you will always struggle to sell what you do. Marketing this way means you can become a stand out business in a noisy market place.


The more you can do these 3 things, the more you will build your audience, show them why they need your business and make them want to spend money on your products or services – no matter how many people take their business online or how noisy it gets.

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